So the tricky third day is upon me and today i've decided to write about the record while listening to it. I'm currently on track 2 'You Remind Me Of Something (The Glory Goes)', which is a track that could quite easily of been on The Letting Go in terms of the feel and instrumentation.

On this track Oldham manages to fill the four-ish minutes of work full to the brim with love and a recurring theme on this album of family. Which i guess is the staple of any good country song.

Which brings me to the real beauty of this album and Will Oldham as an artist. Depending on what song you listen to you could consider Oldham a country artist, a folk artist an indie artist or even all three wrapped up into one. For someone that never really foud much love in country music i find it much easier to handle when the genres are mashed or when the blatant country songs, like album closer 'I'll be glad', find themselves sandwiched in-between a couple of folk songs.

Another important thing to note with 'I'll be glad' is that it's the most obvious show of religion on this record, which serves up another problem. I'm not religious. But guess what? I still like the song, which says a lot really!

For now thats me done.

See you tomorrow.