So I arrive at the penultimate day of my week long review of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's latest release, 'Lie Down In The Light' and im getting steadily closer to actually reaching a conclusion to this album. As the weeks progressed it's definitely grown on me, tracks like 'Lie Down In The Light' with it's angelic melodies have seemleselly entered my headspace, leaving behind a feeling of happiness withough being overly sentimental.

Perhaps thats my first real criticism of the record. I don't listen to it for a while, the come back to it remembering that I like it but I can never remember why. The details kind of get lost on this record, but that probably has more to do with me than anything else.

Also as the days have gone by I've found it harder to find new things to talk about so I feel it's time for me to stop writing!

Come back tomorrow for the final day of me reviewing this record. I promise I'll come up with a good conclusion!