Perhaps post-release blues are setting in after Girls’ third record Father, Son, Holy Ghost’s initial hype wave has past. Christopher Owens has become even more personal for record number three and he admits, as expected, that his song writing process is "a very spontaneous thing." There are more religious undertones in this one; it seems like a contradiction of sorts that Owens should be swaggering around in a belly top, proudly letting his neurotic idiosyncrasies fly out of his mouth and taking on an oddly hip hop stance by gliding along in a sports car in the video for the lead single from the album, 'Honey Bunny'.

As featured on the first excerpt from Father, Son, Holy Ghost, gospel has found its way into the live shows also as Owens says that backing singers are "already booked in the US" although there are no concrete plans for this experience to come over to this side of the water, and local singers will be used on the European tour if the current backing singers can’t make it over here. As with Bombay Bicycle Club’s recruitment of a choir for their acoustic shows; you can only imagine that the live shows will be a somewhat ethereal affair and something you definitely don’t want to miss. Also, from recent comments on Twitter, it seems that the experience of seeing Girls live is "life changing."

It’s not hard to notice the theme recurring with the artwork for the three releases. Owens says; "I was trying to make them all look like a set, so that in the future people could look back on them as what they are – a collection of records from one artist." This is one of the things that truly interests me from an artist; a sense of artistic vision that could be executed in a really amateur way but manages to come out looking exactly how you’d imagine they planned it out in their minds. I suppose you could compare it to the amateur videos Lana Del Rey produces that would just look sloppy if you didn’t get such a strong image of her intent.

Although the trademark name and record title remains at the bottom of the album sleeve, Christopher Owens has opted for an unusually minimalistic cover, using the lyrics as artwork, but this wasn't his first choice. He says, "The initial cover I made was very different, and more like the first album – but when we found out I was not allowed to use the images because of copyright because I was basically taking pictures with my camera of a film and making a collage of that." Remarking that the other images he tried weren’t as good as the one he’d initially used, he tried a graphic design of the lyrics instead.

It’s a shame that we can’t see the initial album cover but the lyrics work effectively since the highlighted lyrics tell a story; even though some of the bolded lyrics are slightly sobering and jitter about. "We’re All Gonna Die," "Nobody’s Happy Now," "My heart Is Broken," just a few of the lines that jump out at you. The pessimism is heart wrenching at points because there are so many connecting points throughout that take you by surprise and make you fall in love with Father, Son, Holy Ghost and after a few listens, it’s not hard to see why it’s had a plethora of extremely positive praise.

It’s not just his pessimism and honest approach to lyrics that make you so interested in the man behind the songs. He has a very wise perspective on things and touches on something that’s true but few bands would phrase it similarly as there’s this constant push for ‘original’ and ‘unique’ music with ridiculous sub genres evolving all the time. It’s something that reflects in Girls’ music, you can tell that there’s no conscious effort to be groundbreaking. "Everybody wants to do something that is essentially nothing new, they are just borrowing the legacy and the tradition of something you like. They start out wishing they’d done things that their role models have done," Owens wisely comments.

When asked about winter, he says that he’s looking forward to it as he’d rather be cold than hot and that Girls are going to be on tour for a long time. Avoid missing the chance to see Girls live because I can imagine that being presented with the new material live could possibly be even more beautiful than the record itself. What’s clear is that Girls have had an amazing run so far with three physical releases in three years, evolving and reshaping with each recorded output; Father, Son, Holy Ghost is a seminal record that sees Girls stretch themselves with this contender for record of the year.

Father, Son, Holy Ghost is out now.