The law of no imagination states that every article about Tall Ships must start by saying how long they've been gone, how good they were and how much we've missed them, and I'm not one to break the law...

It's been a long three years since we said "Guitar music is dead so says the tedious/trolling debate - but that's only 'cos Tall Ships are killing it" about their debut album Everything Touching, which we placed in our top ten albums of 2012, and we've nearly worn that record out since then as desperate as we are for new material.

Well, you clicked on the link so you already know, Tall Ships are back. 'Life Goes On' is the second of two new tracks to be released at the end of May as part of the Too Pure Singles Club, the release is accompanied by a show at the Lexington which has already sold out. It serves to remind us of what the band are capable of whilst they put the finishing touches to their second album. Hopefully it will mean that they are saved at least 40% of the "So what have you been up to?" questions when they do release it.

The song itself, as you can hear below, is fucking great. It's a bold, dark, slow building crescendo that makes it feel like they've simplified their style until it reveals its multitude of layers. It's a change to what we are accustomed to, but Tall Ships have never been a band to stay still for long so it'd be wrong to say it's indicative of the album to follow - It's that fact that makes them such an awesome proposition.