There is nothing wrong with experimentation, but there is also something special about an artist that manages to keep their sound consistent for years. Take San Francisco’s DONCAT, who has delivered golden waves on each of his previous two LPs; his brand new record, Preservation of the Spirit, channels the same energy with cooperative guitar melodies and nostalgic undertones. Listen to the release exclusively below.

A mustachioed Duncan Nielsen is the mind behind DONCAT, having begun the project about six years ago. His last full-length effort was called Easy Cowboy, which demonstrated a more pastoral take on his evocative style of indie rock. Preservation may be more succinct than its predecessor but the emotion it channels is arguably more potent, once again able to subtly reinvent his own sound without losing the attention of longtime fans and able to grab new ones too.

As a kid, Nielsen felt rejected from social circles due to his obsessive love for classic rock and an interest in making his own music; with limited interpersonal experiences, his imagination took root and continues to influence his colorful songwriting. Across the new record – and his back catalogue – he describes characters and their decisions with life-sized imagery. A sea breeze winds its way through the new album’s opener, 'Everybody Wants To Shake Your Hand', with shy, glinting guitars forging our way ahead. It’s easy to get dizzy trying to follow the chant central to 'Don’t Step', but one could be just as easily lost in the warmth of 'Diana', which follows. 'Silver Screen' shows his versatility, with a synth backbone giving way to a swell of energy as Nielsen waxes poetic about life’s truths. He hasn’t quite found them yet, but he confidently continues his search, with no plan to stop.

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