Estrela Mágica is a project spurred by a mutual love for Brazilian music. Samira Winter lived in Curitiba for her formative years listening to her mother’s MPB (música popular brasileira) records, while Glenn Brigman developed a love for bossanova through his roommate in college. Now both are based in LA, making music as Winter and Triptides respectively. Together, their sound merges into something both noisy and tropical, prominent in their first single from the album, 'Amiga'. Listen exclusively below.

As it turns out, the new record was entirely accidental. The duo just set out to jam, and ended up embracing more fully the influences they’ve held close for years. From there, new songs fell perfectly into place.

Though both are experts in fuzz rock, Estrela Mágica sees Winter and Brigman working outside of their career comfort zones. For starters, most of the album is sung in Portuguese, a native language for Winter though not one she typically uses for her solo records. It’s also hard to overlook the samba-like rhythms that melt together with their typical noise pop; it’s intoxicating and emotive.

Winter is going on tour in August, see the full list of dates below. Follow Winter on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Follow Triptides on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Aug 9 - Levitt Pavilion - Los Angeles, CA (with Swimm)
Aug 10 - Blonde Bar - San Diego, CA
Aug 11 - Mercury Lounge - Goleta, CA
Aug 12 - Brick & Mortar - San Francisco, CA
Aug 14 - Liquor Store - Portland, OR
Aug 15 - Fox Cabaret - Vancouver, BC
Aug 16 - Vera Project - Seattle, WA
Aug 17 - Neurolux - Boise, ID
Aug 19 - Kilby Court - Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 21 - Lost Lake - Denver, CO
Aug 22 - Sister The Bar - Albuquerque, NM (without VW)
Aug 23 - Love Buzz - El Paso, TX (without VW)