So, 2013 is the year of the guitar? Not according to Lightning Dust, who have straight-up ditched them, along with their blues rock persuasion, in favour of 80s-tinged synthesisers and programmed drums on 'Diamond', the duo's opening single from new album Fantasy, which is out 24/25 June via Jagjaguwar.

A Snoop Lion reinvention, or reincarnation, this is not; Lightning Dust hang on to their invaluable knack for a catchy pop hook, as well as duo's MVP, Amber Webber's sickly-sweet yet tear-jerkingly emotive vocals, which on 'Diamond' drift from laid-back Americana drawl to Sinead O'Connor fragility.

If Fleetwood Mac ever released an electro-pop record – and, hey, they've said there's an imminent EP on the way– it might sound something like this.