Welcome to the latest instalment in our Under the Influence series, in which we ask bands to compile a playlist of the bands or artists which - yes, you guessed it - influenced or inspired them in some way. This edition gets to the heart of a particularly inspired album, the excellent Fantasy by Lightning Dust.

We liked it a whole lot, so we asked the band - and more specifically, vocalist Amber Webber - to tell us a little about what music was crucial to their musical development. The theme for this one was Women Singers/Songwriters, so here's a guide to which sisters did it for themselves and, more importantly, did it for her...

"Over the course of my musical career, I've been asked a whole lot 'Who are the women and music that inspire you most?' or 'What lady musicians are you currently listening to?' and for some reason when asked these questions I blank out and answer with "dunno" or "hmmmmm...can't think of any" both of which aren't true, but sometimes when put on the spot like that, I'm like a deer in headlights.

"So now that I'm all cozy on my couch at home in front of my record collection I thought I'd compile a proper list of kick ass gals in which inspired me deeply when growing up and keep me going today."

Ike And Tina Turner - 'Working Together'

Tina's first on my list because she's the QUEEN! So much empowerment with every note she sings on this song. Strongly recommend finding this album on vinyl and having a solid top to bottom listen.

Buffy Sainte-Marie - 'He's A Keeper Of the Fire'

I just saw Buffy play last year and even at 70 years old, she was magical and so punk ass! This song is off of her album Illuminations and that whole album is killer - my favourite for sure!

Beyoncé - 'I Care'

A modern day Tina Turner, Queen B! This song has grit, really showing off Beyoncé's insane amount of raw vocal talent. It's also got a slight Prince vibe which I dig. I feel so damn lucky that a singer/songwriter/performer as talented as her is within my generation, and that I get to see her live in the prime of her career! I spent the big bucks and am going to see her show in November and I CAN'T WAIT!

Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris - 'To Know Him is to Love Him'

I love it when talented strong women get together and sing in harmony. I grew up with this song, and it warms my heart every time I hear it. Reminds me of only the good parts of my childhood - the country, the smell of the fire place and family sing-a-longs. Three beautiful, unique and talented women.

Linda and Richard Thompson - 'I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight'

The few times I've DJ'd this song is on my playlist for sure, it's just a fun, easy listening gem! Always love me some Linda Thompson!

Melanie Safka - 'Crack Seeks The Edge'

Around 10 years ago I went through a major Melanie stage. For a short period she was my favourite singer hands down. I think she is great songwriter and very underrated. Her song 'I Got Devil' is so tragic and heartfelt. However, nowadays I find her albums pretty hard to get through due to the way she ends every song with shrieking wailing vocals. So now I'm more into her 1980s pop albums! 'Cracks Seeks the Edge' is a great example!

Joan Jett - 'Bad Reputation'

She's so bad ass and Freaks and Geeks was so bad ass for having this song as the theme music! Although she didn't write too many of her songs her voice can make any song into a catchy and killer rock and roll hit!

Cyndi Lauper - 'True Colors'

I was an 80s child and LOVE Cyndi! My sis and I would dance to her albums for hours. This song is a mellower tune, but shows off her vocals in a nice, not too overproduced kinda way. This spring I was at a recording studio that had a bunch of 1980s Rolling Stones Mags and I read a feature on Cyndi Lauper in one and it rekindled my love for her. A total weirdo.

Kate Bush - 'This Woman's Work'

This song is insanely sad! I love sad songs and this is definitely one of the most vulnerable tear-jerking songs I've ever heard.

Fever Ray - 'Keep The Streets Empty For Me'

I pretty much love everything Knife and Fever Ray. 'Keep the Streets Empty' has such a nice empty beat and dark mood to it. It's a very visual song for me as well. The electronic flute at the end is a nice touch too.