It would be a complete understatement to mention that I have a "crush" on Canada's latest export - the charismatic new wave pop princess Lights. Although the name might stand out as being rather singular or simple at first, it also resembles something of a super heroes alias, one that Lights embodies every connotation of! Channeling it through into her music with a surge of electrically charged florescent notes, keys and bars, Lights home grown talents have burst onto the scene with a spark that has ignited tour dates all across Canada and the United States. Lights confesses that her music has acted as somewhat of a "crutch" or a "drug" for much of her life. With only a computer, a couple of sweet synths and whatever other sound emitting objects she can get her pincers on and after a long time spent experimenting and creating in the lab, Lights has finally brought a bite size musical supernova to life in the form of her first self titled debut EP. First impressions will leave you with a fresh tingling feeling, backed up by a sparkling new wave composition, but upon a closer inspection you'll see that there is a deeper story, one that only Lights herself can tell; in a series of vibrating synths,soft beats,angelic tones,bright colours and neon highlights accompanied by a music video of epic comic book proportions. Excuse the pun, but It is clear that Lights has a bright future ahead of her. Lights took some time out in between shows to talk to us here at The405. Check It Out! When did you first take a serious interest into music, singing,writing and performing your own material? It was during my home schooled years (up until high school) that music began to take serious root. My dad (the musical parent!) took over teaching one day out of the week, and that was kind of the fun music day we looked forward to. It instilled a passion for music early on because of that! When I was 11, I wrote my first song when I learned my first three chords on guitar. After a couple years of songwriting, I realized I had a lot of production ideas of things that could sparkle around my songs so they would take on more of a distinct sound. Since then it's been a lot of experimenting in different worlds of music until a couple years ago finally landing on my sound with a song "February Air" which I consciously decided to record entirely with digital instrumentation--nothing organic. I realized there was no limit to the fantastical crazy ideas you could create with synthetic sounds. Were you the type of kid who was always singing growing up? Yeah, I was always in one band or another, doing solo shows, entering songwriting contests, ditching parties to spend the night in the attic writing, taking studio time over birthday presents. I always knew it would become a big part of my life. Who or What inspires you when writing new songs and lyrics? Does the music you listen to affect the music you make? Lyrically, I am more directly influenced by the things that I say (or need to hear) in real life--I sing the way I talk. Musically, I'm inspired right now by a lot of the new electro sounds like Justice, The Knife, MIA, and MGMT. I really enjoyed the music video to "February Air", it reminded me a lot of a Manga Cartoon. You've said that "If my music could be drawn I would picture it like a comic, with simple border lines and bright colors." Did you therefore aim to try and incorporate some sort of "comic book style" into your video and is this something you will continue in others to come? I draw inspiration from the same places for all branches of my art: music, graphics, comics, videos, etc. The same things that attract me to comics (bright colors, fantastical story lines, limitless creative possibilities, simplicity) are what I try to achieve in what I do. Until my inspirations change, the results won't either! How would you describe your music to a first time listener? Electro-pop-intergalactic-ear-candy! Do you think its easy for musicians like yourself to get exposure, with the likes of MySpace providing so many unsigned bands and artists with a platform to launch their music on? The beauty of today is that it's equally easy for every artist to put their stuff out for the world. It's great because listeners now have the ability to actually choose the things they want to listen to and discover new artists for themselves without some big corporation telling them what to listen to. It's up to the artist to put something out that is good, and less about how much power you have to make people listen. Finally, where do you see yourself in a years time, in terms of your work, new projects and any other personal aspirations you have in life? In a years time, my full length album will already be out, I want to continue the series of episode-style music videos I've begun (with 'Drive My Soul' and 'February Air') as well as continue the series of comics I've begun (beginning with the first issue, 'The Story So Far'--you can see it on!). Also, hopefully I will have leveled my character in World of Warcraft to 80! Be sure to check out more from Lights by visiting her Official MySpace here and Website here