Lo-fi Edinburgh collective Liimo have released their brand new single and video ‘Get Weird’ featuring vocalist Lizzy Land. The track is a heady mix of synth and permeating drum beats, lead vocalist Kieran’s impassioned falsetto evokes thoughts of contemporary pop juggernauts including Lauv and LANY. With a huge number of bands currently contributing to the resurgence of '90s soundscapes and 80s emotion-out pop, it’s difficult to make a waves yet these Scottish natives are carving a space for their music.

With this latest cut and the preceding debut single ‘Pineapple Radio’, they are capturing the tones of far warmer climates whilst maintaining a style that is undeniably British and achingly cool. Another ode to hopeless romanticism, ‘Get Weird’ is a hypnotizing rendezvous between the three-piece and newcomer Lizzy. The R & B tones complement the full-screen synth that forms the main chorus before more ice-cold beats rush in to punctuate these woozy confessionals.

Speaking on this single, frontman Kieran explains: “'Get Weird’ is a song about a whirlwind romance. That sweet spot at the start of a relationship where everything feels unlike anything you’ve ever been used to. The kind of moment where all other things in life take a backseat, you’re both making it up as you go alone, seeing how it all plays out. We’d written the song with a collab in mind and we completely fell in love with Lizzy Land’s interpretation of it.’’

The trio have known each other since they were teenagers and this solid relationship is informing a real consistency in sound and style. Their video output has a wonderful collage-style whilst their pastel instagram reminds you of the razor-sharp level of detail of fellow pop auteurs, the 1975. The music is a very clear outward projection of their own influences and personal tastes. Liimo have so far delivered deep, inviting '80s pop that will have you revisiting over and over, especially on those warm, sprawling evenings we’re shortly heading towards.

Check out the official music video for ‘Get Weird’ above and follow Liimo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.