Lil B's beef with Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant has officially left Twitter and entered the small screen. The rapper showed up in a super short advert for the NBA's official app to call out the 25-year-old player, saying; "KD you can't see me." "I'm Coming" and not much else. What he said could probably fit in a Tweet.

Their weird feud began in 2011 when Lil B placed the "BasedGods Curse" on Durant after he questioned said god's relevancy on Twitter. Now, I'm no believer in rap-based-occultism, but the Thunder went on to lose in the playoffs that year. Durant might want to start wearing a crucifix now the feud is back in diss track and TV ad form. Words of a one on one grudge match have been bouncing back and forth for years, but it seems like Lil B is finally ready to throw down. See the ad below.

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