When Lil Boosie got out of prison a few months back he claimed to have enough material for over a hundred records, and now, in an interview with Complex, the Baton Rouge rapper has confirmed the release date for at least one of those albums. He spilled pretty much every detail of his first post-prison full-length but a title, revealing that it's set to come out on July 15th and will feature guest verses from 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy, T.I., and more. Boosie even explained why he's waiting to put something out if he's sitting on so much stuff:

"I ain't want to come home and play with the mixtape game. I want to come home and hit 'em hard, and get that machine behind it and be successful."

Listen to 'Pray For Me' (feat. Webbie and Foxx) below.

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