You may have been told by your parents that you should never judge a book by its cover, but in the case of garage punkers Lil Daggers' self titled debut album, called unsurprisingly for a self titled album, Lil Daggers you can ignore them. The black and white, vaguely disorienting, cover pretty much sums up the Floridian 5 piece's dark, monochrome psychedelia. So much for your parents advice, Lil Daggers delivers exactly what it says on the tin.

It's a slightly disappointing start but, after a couple of perfunctory, fair to middling rockers, Lil Daggers really hits its stride with the bass heavy, distorted, fuzzy around the edges 'Ghost Herd'. It's melodramatic and self consciously strange with a skewed, slightly out of focus sound to send shivers down your spine. Don't listen alone and make sure you keep the lights on. Following closely on the heels of 'Ghost Herd' comes 'Past Due', a trippy echo from underneath the floorboards of the UFO club. If you close your eyes you can almost see the liquid light show.

Fortunately these two tracks are worth the entrance fee alone, because what follows is run of the mill swampy scuzz rock that's mildly diverting at best. 'Pignose' is a short, semi acoustic diversion from the scuzz, while 'Wicked Lady Jam' is an even shorter track that's as bad as its title suggests. They sound like filler, like the band ran out of ideas and threw in a couple of half finished songs hoping no-one would notice. These two tracks are what shuffle was made for. The album draws to a close with two of the better tracks. 'Dead Golden Girls' sounds like a Black Angels b-side while the slowed down dusty desert twang of 'Pair of Lives' leaves you with a haunting sense of what might have been.

Lil Daggers won't change the centre of the music industry's gravity, it won't rock the world to its foundations, but it may come round to your house, clear out your meagre possessions and burn them in the back yard. There are touches of weirdness that make it stand out from the crowd, surrounded by some solid bed fellows and a couple of stinky fillers.