Lil Durk doesn't accept defeat. Parting ways with a major label has led to the vanishing of more rappers than you can count, but the Chicago drill pioneer left Def Jam without missing a beat.

Releasing Signed to the Streets 3 late last year to fan and critical acclaim alike, he's circled back around with a remix for one of the record's more radio-ready bops.

Melii does her thing, to be sure, but the show here is largely about one lady: Teyena Taylor. Still riding high from the victory that was K.T.S.E., which felt successful largely in part to her sheer force of will rather than Kanye's hindering insistence on keeping it bitesize to match the rest of his Wyoming series. To say the least, Taylor is still in full effect.

Check the new remix out below, and stayed tuned for more from all three artists on their lonesome soon.