Listen up Wiley! You might learn something here about how to properly deal with a festival when things go awry. Take a page out of a veteran's book. Lil' Kim was set to perform at London's Lovebox Festival this past Sunday (July 21st) but the performance was cancelled shortly before she was due to go onstage.

According to a Lovebox official, Lil' Kim "did not turn up to her set on time" and that "The festival had no other option but to maintain the scheduled running order to ensure the other main stage acts were not disrupted." However, according to Kim's representative, Lizzie Grubman, Kim was on site and ready to go, and that the performance was cancelled for reasons out of their control.

Either way, now would be the time most acts would slink back to the hotel and forget the whole kerfuffle ever happened or, if you're a certain someone, complain about it on Twitter for a bit until you calm down. Not Lil' Kim. After tweeting that she had missed the gig due to reasons beyond her control, she proposed a meet and greet for her fans at 3pm that day at the Andaz Hotel on Liverpool Street. Despite it being a bit of a way away from Victoria Park, where Lovebox is held, plenty of people showed up to the meet and greet queuing around the street to meet Lil' Kim.

She tweeted after the event, "Meet and greet in London. I love u guyssssss!!! I love London. I'll be back soon!!!" See. That's how you deal with missing a show!