Lil' Kim's set at Lovebox was cancelled yesterday, after she failed to turn up on time.

The rapper was meant to take to the stage at 6:10, after Kelis and before Hurts, but at 6:40 organisers Mama Group pulled her set as she was still nowhere to be seen.

Lil' Kim's late arrival to the site was the official reason given for the cancelled set, the official statement from organisers said:

"Lil' Kim did not turn up to her set on time. The festival had no other option but to maintain the scheduled running order to ensure the other main stage acts were not disrupted."

However, as Digital Spy reports, her no-show could be due to her refusing to play after seeing the stage. The 39-year-old star even tweeted her excitement prior to her scheduled show:

"London!!!!!!! Lovebox!!!!! The Queen is on the way!!!! Come out and see me perform and turn up!!! :) :) !!!!"

The set wasn't the only performance to be dropped from the London festival. Last week, So Solid Crew were taken off the bill due to possible police intervention.