Whether its filtered by descriptions like "odd" or "bizarre - or as Tiny Mix Tapes puts it, a "cryogenic freezer" - Lil Ugly Mane is a tough nut to crak.

The Richmond rapper has been frantically producing an ever-growing echelon of mixtapes, per his own Bandcamp (warning: rabbit hole potential). The newest of which is the mind-melting and curious Weeping Worm six-track EP. Fellow Ratking collab partner DJ Dog Dick helps with the EP's initial 'Lights Down', alongside Antwon on the following 'Underwater Tanks'.

The remaining four tracks on Weeping Worm are identified as previously unreleased efforts. Included of which is 'Passion Sceptre/Dert Mystery' - the B-Side to LUM's July single 'On Doing An Evil Deed Blues', which will provide funds for his final box set project.

Stream the captivating set below or head to Bandcamp and grab a file for a meagre $3 U.S.D.

Discover: You'll probably really love this.