Earlier this year rapper and label chief Lil’ Wayne appeared in court to give deposition against director of the documentary 'The Carter', Quincy Jones III. The star claims that the film, which follows Wayne during 2009 and used music from the album 'The Carter III' was a "scandalous portrayal."

Lil' Wayne isn't helping his case against Jones in this footage which surfaced yesterday showing the questioning from Jones' attorney, Pete Ross. The MC is petulant and facetious towards the lawyer responding to one question; "Have I ever hired a photographer to photograph an event? Sorry sir, no, I’m a superstar, people hire them themselves to photograph me, we don’t hire them." He continues doing his utmost to be as unhelpful as possible by seemingly losing any recollection of his time spent in jail and selling a shed load of records all making it appear like he is the one on trial.

The interrogation seems to take a real turn for the sour towards the end as Wayne seems to threaten Ross, "You know he can't save you right"" as the rapper gestures towards the Judge, "In the real world, that guy right there, he can't save you in the real world."

With Lil’ Wayne being reluctant to help perhaps they would have more luck by issuing a subpoena to God, yes THE God, as this second piece of footage implicates him as a conspirator of the Yong Money founder.