Man, Lil Wayne's release schedule has been all over the place – to be fair, a lot of it is to do with his ex-label Cash Money, who refused (and seemingly still refuse) to release his long-long-long-awaited album, Tha Carter V. But a lot of it is just feeding everyone unreal expectations, but I guess that's Weezy; in February, the rapper himself said his Free Weezy Album was "komin soon". Before that, he dropped his Sorry for the Wait 2 mixtape – the title tells you everything about his track record with releases. Adds character.

Anyway… almost five months later, here we are. The album has surfaced on Tidal as FWA. With no embed feature, you'll have to go over to Tidal itself to listen.

The news of this release arrives after it was confirmed that Lil Wayne had joined Jay Z and a host of others as an "artist owner" of Tidal.