Not content with pissing off most of the hip-hop community it now seems Lil Wayne has run out of rappers to pick fights with and is instead switching his sights to basketball players. The controversial rapper is taking on Miami Heat and the rest of NBA if this outburst from the 30-year-old is anything to go by.

According to Weezy, he was recently thrown out of a Miami Heat game for cheering for the Lakers and subsequently banned from all NBA events. The MC took to the stage in Houston this week where the city was playing host to the annual NBA All Star Game to vent his opinions on not just the NBA and Miami team but also to claim he had slept with the wife of Heat star Chris Bosh, ouch.

After telling the crowd that the Heat had supposedly persuaded the NBA to ban him Wayne Carter proceded to lead the crowd in a chant of "Fuck NBA, Fuck Miami Heat."

You can catch the full four letter word filled rant below. However, with no confirmation coming from the NBA and the Miami Heat claiming Carter left the game of his own free perhaps it's just a case of Weezy hot air…