Psych-folk artist Linda Perhacs is back with her first album in 44 years (seriously), The Soul of All Natural Things. Her cult classic debut album Parallelograms came out in 1970, and her new LP will be released on 4 March via Sufjan Stevens' record label Asthmatic Kitty. It'll have guest spots from Julia Holter and Nite Jewel's Ramona Gonzalez, who helped revive Perhacs' musical activity. You can stream the first cut from the album, 'Freely', below.

Stevens worked with Perhacs on the record, saying "Linda has a prophetic voice that speaks beauty and truth with the kind of confidence and hope that has been lost for decades." Her intent with the new album is that "we get too far out of balance and we must find a way to get back to our polestar. I felt that people needed to be reminded of that. My music isn’t just recreational, it’s not just entertainment. I have a deeper purpose. My soul is giving itself to the people; I want them to be helped, I want them to be lifted."

  • 01 The Soul of All Natural Things
02 Children

  • 03 River of God
  • 04 Daybreak
  • 05 Intensity
  • 06 Freely

  • 07 Prisms of Glass
  • 08 Immunity

  • 09 When Things Are True Again

  • 10 Song of the Planets

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