Norwegian producer Lindstrøm has announced details of a new LP.

Smalhans album will be his second release of 2012, having previously released the LP Six Cups Of Rebel, a deeply personal LP which had more of an experimental vibe to it. For Smalhans, the producer finds himself back at making dance music that'll get you going with a heavy dose of depth.

Below, you can listen to or download the first track off of Smalhans, titled 'Rà-àkõ-st'. Smalhans will be released on November 6th through Smalltown Supersound.


Smalhans Tracklisting:

  • 1. Rà-àkõ-st
  • 2. Lāmm-ęl-āār
  • 3. Ęg-gęd-ōsis
  • 4. Vōs-sākō-rv
  • 5. Fāār-i-kāāl
  • 6. Vā-flę-r