Lion Babe kept a pretty great photo diary for us during their time at this year's Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Check it out below, and be sure to press play on their new single, 'Impossible', which is out on August 4th (get it here.)

"Coordinating with Astro Raw for our post-performance look! Thankfully my best friend let me wear her shades!"

"Interviews with New York on our backs! All we wanted to do was slide down this skate ramp."

"A selfie for soundcheck. It's hot."

"Talking about music backstage! Usually we agree."

"Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival came through with their artist treatment! An amazing trailer with our name on it!"

"Sound discussions with G man, got to get it right!"

"Astro Raw in his temporary home."

"Selfie, mid-glam. Miss Yuui Vision has the face of determination. Not only did she do my make-up, she even helped curl the back of my mane!"

"Jillian versus the mane! Who will win?"

"Team Lion Babe fresh off the stage!"

"Best part about playing in New York is getting to see all of our friends Michelle, Courtney and Andre! Best friends! Blessed to have an amazing support system!"