My friend Kate's new puppy.


Robin at his studio in Nashville. We recorded the first album together, most of what I know about recording I learned from him.


Andrew NYE in Ellicottville, NY.


I went to Melbourne in January to record on my friend Marty's album, it's amazing and I'm very excited for him.


Marty with John Lee, who engineered and played synths. The three of us went nuts doing 12 hours days for a week, it was the most fun recording experience I've ever been a part of.


Rashaad and his cello NYC, February.

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I went to LA in January to record with Miya and my friend Justin. We also went nuts for a week, Miya took this photo of me playing slide. Her album is going to be amazing too.

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Justin putting down flute with the Slayer tee, LA. Photo by Miya.


Lionlimb's forthcoming album, Tape Recorder, is due out February 23rd via Bayonet Records. Check out the video for 'Clover' below.