This song is wonderfully simple, and simply wonderful – it's basically just synth, beat, voice. But within this electronic trinity is a wealth of variation: the drums march, then skip along, the industrial snares sometimes shooting into the distance with all the magnitude of a bomb dropped in the ocean, hi-hats clacking all the way with unrelenting urgency; muffled synth sounds sometimes like strings, then like a nightmare videogame on loop; Liphemra's voice itself falters with unsurety and then screams with feeling overflowing, her last syllables echoing into the dark love song mists of the track.

It's called 'magazines' and we've literally been delighted to have premiered it. It's full of emotion at the same time as being almost clinically focused on beats, no wonder – Liphemra is a drummer also. This logic of rhythms combined with real, excavated emotion makes for a unique feel to the track, a serving of experimental electronica leaning towards the simultaneous brutality and lightness of noise-pop.

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