Please allow me to introduce California-based Japanese producer Liquid Sunshine, aka Hosh'ki Tsunoda. His music is pretty much as his moniker says, his SoundCloud is testament to this, and now he's back with more sounds in the form of new track 'Be Nice'.

It's a phasing shuffler of a song, washed with crackles and tropical percussion. Synth flies all around as sparkling glimpses of dappled sun, as the grinding haze of an afternoon, as soaring beachside breezes, as top-end bubblings; a beat claps along with singularly booming kicks, at odds with rising wobbles of pitch-shifting sound. It's experimental, hip-hop lilting chill-out electronica - what's not to like?

This arrives as the single from Tsunoda's upcoming EP - scheduled for release 15th October on SoundCloud-based label, Rootnote Collective - and the first instalment of the label's Rooted Arts series, showcasing the music of a wide range of artists.