Ever since I watched the YouTube video of Lisa Hannigan singing ‘I Don’t Know’ sandwiched in a tiny pub cubby hole with many other limbs and instruments, I have been enchanted. Hannigan rises once again in triumph from Mercury Prize nominated debut album, See Sew, with Passenger, which provides a dense journey of warmth and serenity, in an album which is truly a pleasure to indulge in.

Themes of travelling and movement thread themselves throughout the album, tracks which resound with weary worries of loved ones, resembling the journey of Hannigan, and listener’s alike, in the human experience. The album begins at the very beginning, and ‘Home’ sets the pace at a thumping gallop. Five minutes into the album the listener is teased and tantalised with a soaring arrangement of vocal, guitar and percussion. There is real weight to the album from the onset and this continues in the somewhat lighter follows on, ‘A Sail’ and ‘Knots’. Hannigan’s voice is the key to the album’s success, and each track can be pulled out and examined individually for creativity and sheer raw musicality. Particular stand out track ‘O Sleep’ is a beautiful duet of soothing feminine lullabies layered with Ray LaMontagne’s husky undertones.

Passenger evolves elegantly and confidently, and the wide ranger sound and added up-tempo tracks are welcome additions to her already well developed sound. It does, what many second albums fail to do, maintain the great elements of her debut and redefines and evolves them, cementing her position as one of Ireland’s top singer/songwriters.