Label:Sargent House Release date: 04/05/10 Link:Myspace After having been in one of the best (and sadly unknown) bands of the 90s (Pet, for those keeping the score at home) and after guest starring in way too many bands (this woman is a proper genre hopper), Lisa Papineau delights us with a second solo album, Red Trees. It's perhaps this genre hopping knack that the lovely Ms. Papineau has that allows her to create some distinct sounds, like mixing electronic music with accordion (!) without losing her style ('White Leather Pants') or singing in French ('I dream of red trees') in a soothing, almost dream like manner. In fact, the whole of Red Trees is like a dream, a lucid dream with a minimum amount of instruments, where the voice sometimes gets blurred (or processed), becoming another instrument that just intertwines with an accordion or a simple keyboard progression (the chilling 'Sorry I cannot English'). This sound is sparse, but still with an aura that can fill the room. The epitome of this growth is 'This is for the love (Je T'kiffe)', a beautiful duet with Mark Eitzel. Equally precious is 'I dream of red trees' The days of screaming are long gone and all these years of experience have created a new sound for Lisa Papineau. Still, the emotion is as raw as ever and it seems all those guest vocal slots have broadened her musical spectrum. Photobucket