Lissie has unveiled her unifying video for ‘Best Days’, the first single to be taken from her forthcoming album Castles out 23rd March on Cooking Vinyl.

Lissie on the single and video: "When I was little I remember standing in front of the bathroom mirror at my childhood home. There were 2 mirrors facing one another and I used to stand in the middle & wave my arms up and down and marvel at the infinite layers of me. For my young mind, it got me thinking about all of the endless realities there were. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve romanticized the idea of the many worlds theory and the concept that all of these parallel realities exist simultaneously. In certain realities, I may not even be ‘me’."

Lissie's fourth album Castles is a record that focuses on identifying what you want to build a life with, it reflects a new openness in her approach to songwriting and recording. Rather than limiting herself to writing exclusively on guitar as on previous records, Lissie opted for a more digital setup - on Castles beats and atmospheres converse with keyboards, guitars, and of course Lissie’s singularly powerful “fearsome instrument”, her voice.