Apparently, at some point near the end of June, Oakland, California based beat maker Yalls (a.k.a. Dan Casey) publicly premiered a remix of 'Park Slope (I'm Sorry)' by Brooklyn's ABADABAD on According to the blog Ears of the Beholder, who was present in the turntable room, "the reaction was crazy. Little avatar heads started swaying back and forth." Come August, and this track is now featured on ABADABAD's debut release for cassette label Chill Mega Chill, a split with synth popsters Stoner Showers called Makeout Beach.

The foundation of this track is a tropical, dancehall-infused beat that paints a mental picture of palm trees and snorkellers. But this image contrasts poignantly with ABADABAD's wistful tale about a heartbroken journey to affluent Brooklyn neighborhood, Park Slope.

Ordering information for the cassette can be found on Chill Mega Chill's website.