Photo by Ben Guzman

We've posted a number of individual AbdeCaf tracks over the past month or so, and now he's dropped his debut EP Unravel.

While previous offerings, 'Sense Concern', 'Mecca' and, Diplo favourite 'Feed Your Brain' in particular had a space age feel to them, the eight track EP displays a talent for versatility from the Ukranian born, Miami based Producer.

Opener 'Dreaming' is driven by muffled snares with twinkling chimes carefully added to the mix. Standout track is probably 'Faded and Loveless.' A keyboard led opening makes way for a combination of strange, distorted wailing and savage roars. There are no decipherable words but it feels as if you're being told a story.

Other tracks you may not have heard inclue the wobbly 'We Mistook Each Other For Lovers' and the synth drenched 'Kassia'. Listen in full below.