Tips on how to get some internet hype for your discerning electronic musician. 1) Collaborate with James Blake at some point in your existence. 2) Sign to R&S Records 3) Sample Karen O for your latest release.

Oh and 4) Know how to create a bloody good tune. Robert McAndrews has has succeeded in all of the proceeding under the guise of Airhead - and is to release his debut for R&S Records in the form of double A-side 'Wait'/South Congress'. Both are short, somewhat minimal slices of electronica that don't quite fall into any one genre label; 'Wait' using vocals from one (or more) Yeah Yeah Yeahs track with lovely spacious guitars akin to that of The XX - however, all in the frame of (equally sparse) cut-up-bassy nuggets and hard-echoed percussion. The result is a rewarding, almost shoegaze angle. R&S. Shoegaze. Yeah, really.

It's out now on 10".