Not sure how many times I’ve written this lately but there seems to an insane amount of good music coming out of the Nordics right now, or maybe it’s just that I’ve started to pay attention lately. Anyway, one of the most talked-about new acts is the 17 year-old Swedish pop artists Amanda Mair who was signed to the renowned Labrador label at 15 and is set to release her self-titled debut record in the UK on June 11.

Last year saw the release of her debut single 'Doubt' and she’s set to follow it with the catchy and affecting 'Sense', which you can listen to below as well as grab yourself your very own mp3 of it. Check out the tracklist for Amanda Mair (which was produced by the talented Philip Ekström of The Mary Onettes) below the Soundcloud player as well.


  • 1. Said And Done
  • 2. Doubt
  • 3. House
  • 4. Sense
  • 5. Skinnarviksberget
  • 6. Before
  • 7. It’s Gonna Be Long
  • 8. What Do You Want
  • 9. You’ve Been Here Before
  • 10. Leaving Early