Blitzen Trapper have released a song from their forthcoming album American Goldwing, which is out next month on Subpop.

‘Love The Way You Walk Away’ contains all the good things fans have come to expect from the band, with just the right level of country and the kind of American rock ‘n’ roll feeling that you just don’t get from the majority of whining, nasal, skinny-jeans-clad outfits gracing our venues today.

Influences such as Bob Dylan are obvious, but there’s also a fresh originality to the band’s storytelling lyrics. It’s because they’re singing about their own, personal experiences; when frontman Eric Earley sings of “drinking too much tonight / it ain’t right” you know he means it.

If people still had campfires, this would be the kind of song to listen to around them. Instead, make this the kind of song you listen to around a BBQ or some other equivalent, while summer’s still here.