It's all about the South coast yo'.

Boscombe-based Bos Angeles have been teasing the world with news for awhile - including this ominous sound quote from their Facebook page:

The writing is on the walls goys & girls. No mgmt. No label. No band... almost. Not sure how much longer BA will go based on the current situation. Fortunately two of my best buds happen to be probably the two best musicians from Bournemouth and they're helping me out for now. i'LL LEt yOu kNow wAt hAppenZ aS sOOn aS i kNoW oKay gUyz!?!

Someone step-up yeah? But for now, the trio have released two demos on their Soundcloud page. The word 'Demos' has become synonymous with shitty quality rips of already lo-fi sounds of recent - but that does not apply here; the tracks sounding crisp (yet raw), loud and surrounded by sun-kissed beach babes. Which explains the cover.

Listen to the infectious, sanguine numbers below - oh and keep it South coast by seeing them at The Great Escape in May, which they have recently been added to.