We get a sent a lot of music, and this is of course a wonderful thing. The trouble is some stuff can get lost in the sprawling muffled sonic pile, so when we put on something that stands out it's a very pleasant moment.

Hello Cessa. Cessa provides the kind of electronic post-everything aesthetic that is around a lot today, but has carved out his own little niche and delivers something rather original and with a bold distinct talented voice to boast about.

'Burner' in particular (below) contains heavy elements of cut-up richly produced garage and in a package similar to that of Gang Colours; but very different from the aforementioned in terms of atmosphere. Less of the dark, reflective edge and more of a upbeat restless dance love with melody.

And that's just the B-side. A-side 'Sleep On It' is another little gem that showcases a more rhythmic hypnotic side, and you can get your hands on them here. He's championed by Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), and if you've heard Goddards superb techno inspired solo stuff you can certainly see as to why.