David Hilali grew up in rural Wales with a background in more 'traditional' based music stylings - before becoming an electronic artisan under the moniker of what he is known as today, Dauwd.

We featured Dauwd in our Ones to Watch feature for 2012, and, not to toot our own horn or anything, but he is fast displaying the kind of talent to more than justify this inclusion. The hour-long mix below has been created for Red Bull as part of their burgeoning 'Introducing' series - and it's some seriously hot stuff; a delightful journey deep into deep house territory via a gorgeous ambient aesthetic, all based in a warm analogue style of producing.


  • Loops Of Your Heart - Lost In The Mirror (Magazine)
  • Wolf Müller - Pflanzentanz (Themes For Great Cities)
  • Jatoma - Little Houseboat [Kenton Slash Demon Remix] (Kompakt)
  • HVL - Real Command (Unreleased)
  • Shoebox - Where To Go (Shoebox)
  • Lovebirds - Keep Coming [Axel Bowman Remix] (Freerange)
  • RNDM - Third Hand Smoke (Laid)
  • John Talabot - So/Will/Be/Now… feat. Pional (Permanent Vacation)
  • Alfabet - Hell of Samba (Rush Hour)
  • D'Marc Cantu - Transmogrification (Crème Organization)
  • Paul Du Lac - House of Spirits (Clone)
  • Christopher Rau - Last Time Was So Good (Hypercolour)
  • Redshape - Throw In Dirt (3024)
  • Kris Wadsworth - Crushed (NRK Sound Division)
  • Maurizio - M05A (M)
  • Marcello Napoletano - Raw As Fuck (Hour House Is Your Rush)
  • Blondes - Water [Bicep Remix] (Rvng Intl)
  • Maxmillion Dunbar - Polo (Live At Robert Johnson)

Listen here