For all you James Blake fans out there, we have a live album for you to check out, which was put together It's not a run-for-run live version of 2011's self-titled album, but more a collection of his best work (though most of it is lifted from that album).

Despite this live album being a fan-made bootleg compilation, it's still a great listen.

You can download it here.

  • 1. Unluck (Live)
  • 2. The Wilhelm Scream (Live)
  • 3. I Never Learnt To Share (Live)
  • 4. Lindisfarne (Live)
  • 5. Limit To Your Love (Live)
  • 6. Give Me My Month (Live)
  • 7. To Care (Like You) (Live)
  • 8. Anti-War Dub (Live)
  • 9. Klavierwerke (Live)
  • 10. CMYK (Live)
  • 11. Once We All Agree (Live)
  • 12. A Case Of You (Live)
  • 13. Enough Thunder (Live)
  • 14. Love What Happened Here (Live)
  • 15. Tep And The Logic (Live)