It was only 6 weeks ago that we all melted to the sultry sounds of Club Sportag's 'Wait In The Dark' remix. Not wanting to allow our thirst to develop any further, the Nashville deluxe-pop duo have dropped a new single, the seductive, silky and downright sexy Gentle Man.

"I’ll be your gentle man, hold you until you care, this is my only plan,” Austin purrs tenderly over the beautifully seductive, 'Return of the Mack' derived swoon-fest. Have a listen below but be warned, you are about to be swept away in a whirlwind of uncontrollable romantic nostalgia.

Readers of the 405 will be familiar with Austin and Elvis' eloquent wordplay (if you haven't read our interview with the boys check it out here) and they had the following to say about the new track:

"Gentle Man draws strength from vulnerability. He carries the weight of his unspoken love on his shoulders and it keeps him strong, bearing the pressures of the world from within like Atlas in a cave. He dreams of a day when the weight of all love's ego will disintegrate, and the earth will float."