Every day new music technology is brought to the masses. The downside? It is one more thing to layer into a song that was complete weeks before; the song now bursts at the seams from the gluttony of its creators. So, it’s refreshing when artists can take a step back and get to the roots of home-brewed tunes.

Enter Justus Proffit, bringing his take on lo-fi/ indie pop to the masses. He has a stripped-down EP, UPS/ DOWNS, which dropped on March 17th, and The 405 is here to premiere his latest single, ‘Fly’.

On ‘Fly’, the LA “sad punk” marries minimalism, dissonant acoustic guitar, and whispered vocals a la Elliot Smith. It is quintessential bedroom pop. You can picture him sitting at the edge of his bed, singing to the floor that creaks back in applause. The melody is solid. But, Justus’ breathy, just-almost-out-of-tune vocals remind you that feelings are best when raw. Like when he sings, “I’ll see you so soon/ Just not in this tune/ I’m back in my room/ Thinking of you,” his voice drops at the end of each phrase, earnestly grasping to make it to the end.

So, sneak out of the cubicle and find your quiet space. It’s time to be alone with your thoughts and let Justus Proffit join you there on, ‘Fly’.