Kahn has uploaded a new song to Soundcloud, called 'Intention'. This is a total 360 turn around from his first release on Punch Drunk, 'Like We Used To,' a dance track soaked in UK Funky influences.

The typically Bristolian producer regularly unleashes tracks upon the internet, with the very slightest hint of dubstep, garage, soul, funky and other subtle urban and roots influences. He fuses these elements together to make often minimal beat-led tracks, but 'Intention' is minimal in the most extreme sense, consisting of ghostly instrumental drones and off-beat vocals whispering "You asked my intentions / You asked me to see you with no warning / My mind has changed / It's not good / Just to hear your name / Just to hear your name". If you're looking to put a label on it, forget Chillwave; this is on a whole other level. Stripped back to its bare bones, Kahn's new track is the epitome of No Wave.

Intention by • Kahn •