Kendrick Lamar’s “proper” debut, Good Kid in a Mad City, is due out later this year, following the massive success of the iTunes-released Section.80 in 2011, and if this latest leak is anything to go by, it will be well worth getting excited for. This haunting new track from the Black Hippy ringleader, with its childhood monster voices and its sampling of cartoon catchphrases, promises to never let you watch Bugs Bunny in the same way.

Distorted and stretched to very limits of music, ‘Cartoons & Cereal’ sees Lamar spiralling around a dark, buried childhood concept with all the crazed genius of a boat ride with Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka. Perhaps “the Willy Wonka of rap” isn’t a title that the MC is going for, but with this unmatched brand of creepy, sinister music hanging on nostalgic and evocative themes, it’s what he looks set to achieve.