The summer has reached its end, though many of us (including myself) refuses to recognize it. Don't panic, there are still some feel good tunes out there for us to bring back some sun and warmth. This one, I just can't stop listening to. The Norwegian electronica duo Lemâitre, consisting of Ketil and Ulrik (both only 20 years old) are the creators behind this brilliant track. 'Blue Shift' is taken from their only released EP titled The Friendly Sound, and it's so danceable that it's nearly impossible to sit still. No wonder their songs have already become a hit on several club scenes and dancefloors. Thoughts immediately fly to great acts like Justice and Daft Punk, and also their fellow countrymen in Röyksopp. Their sound is filled with upbeat rhythms and happy melodies, all topped with a touch of French electronica.

The members of Lemâitre, Ketil and Ulrik, have been making music separately for many years, but finally decided to work together and created Lemâitre in 2010. They love to perform their music live, and Lemâitre have already done lots of gigs in Oslo, but also some performances in the US and Lithuania. They have recently gotten a lot of attention from the French and Canadian audience, so they will hopefully soon be doing shows there as well.

Their only EP, The Friendly Sound, is most likely to be followed up by another EP next fall.

For free downloads of most of the songs of the EP, click here.