First, Lil B tackled homophobia when he tried to re-appropriate the word “gay” in the title of his debut album, I’m Gay (I’m Happy). Now, he’s got his sights set on becoming a feminist, with the title of his latest mixtape #1 Bitch suggesting that he wants to reclaim misogynistic terms too. After all, you don’t see anyone other than Nicki Minaj clamouring to be the “baddest bitch”; if the title is actually positive now, then why don’t more men want to take it?

You'd be forgiven for thinking along these lines when you saw the title of the latest mixtape from the Based God, but any delusions of Lil B as a spokesperson against misogyny are likely to disappear pretty quickly once you hit play. A heavy 28 tracks long, this latest offering from the rapper is full of sneering, swaggering humour and intimidating beats, with track names including 'Ho Suck My Dick' and 'Bras Off'.

It’s only been just over three weeks since the Based God’s last release, 34-track mixtape God’s Father, hit the internet, meaning that the rapper probably spent most of the past month inside the four walls of a studio – he even produced one of the new tracks himself. He may not be working hard for women's rights, but no one can argue that he isn't working hard for his music.

Stream the 28-track mixtape in full below, and download it over at