From Norwegian duo, Machine Birds, comes the beautiful track 'Time'. Maria Skranes and Marte Eberson, both strong musicians, got together and formed the duo just a couple of years ago. They love to experiment and improvise with pop melodies and electronic sounds, which they succeed with in a brilliant way.

Vulnerable and dreamy vocals, mixed with great ambient sounds and pop rhythms, makes "Time" a delightful track. The production is solid, close to perfection. This is a track filled with beautiful harmonies and catchy synth melodies, that really sticks. As live performers, Machine Birds impress me every single time. The vocal is strong, and the way they use loop-devices and effects is just amazing. They also manage to sound like a 5-piece orchestra, despite only being two girls on stage. Machine Birds are currently working on their debut-album. I can't wait to hear more from them.

The official release of 'Time' is September 26th on the Norwegian label Nabovarsel, but you can already stream the song here:

Machine Birds - Time by Nabovarsel