Mint Julep is two things to me. Firstly, an exceptional cocktail consisting of mint, bourbon, sugar and water - very popular in both my local and the Southern US. Mint Julep is also the husband-and-wife team of Keith and Hollie Kenniff. Hailing from Portland, Oregon they make breezy enchanting pop music, perfect for a spot of escapism as the summer slips away and the memories of those festival nights fade.

Their 2008 debut album Songs About Snow was an exercise in sophisticated shoegaze - thick with drifting ambience and Hollie's smooth echoing vocals. Their new track Aviary gives us a nice flavour of what's to come on their next album with soothing whispers and steadily constructed electronica. Engrossing, enchanting and well worth a bloody listen so hit the big play button above.

Save Your Season will be released via Village Green in November, and 'Aviary' is available to download above.