Everybody loves Halloween. You get to dress up, act like a kid, and generally indulge yourself in things you may not usually do (drinking in excess whilst dressed as a dead celebrity included).

It seems like Moon Duo like Halloween too; so much, in fact, that they’re releasing a Halloween-themed EP. The title-track from Horror Tour is currently streaming, and shows them definitely moving away from their usual sun-drenched psychedelia.

Instead, they indulge in creepy intros of footsteps and creaky doors, and sprawling guitar riffs that are as dark as they are slow-burning. The EP is for the most part instrumental, with only ‘Horror Tour’ featuring glimpses of echoey vocals that appear from out of nowhere, and disappear just as quickly after a few lines.

Oh yeah, the artwork is creepy as hell too. Forget about the soundtrack to your summer; this is the soundtrack to Halloween.

Listen to it here.