So Nicki Minaj has dropped the latest track from her forthcoming new record Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, and this one boasts some incredible cameos by name: Nas, Drake, and Young Jeezy all drop in on this ballad-esque jam, but is it enough to resurrect some positive hype following the lacklustre lead single 'Roman Reloaded' and 'Starship'?

Unfortunately, it's all played very safe - the whole track unravels like a Derren Brown stunt you just know has been completely rehearsed and created with the intention to create an 'illusion', and the three big names here certainly create the illusion of a good track hiding behind the curtains. It's hard to believe Nas even makes an appearance on this track, coming and going so fast it's like he was literally just passing by the studio when the decision was made to get him on it, having nothing better to do. Young Jeezy gives it a better shot - his distinctive gruffness his the track at least some edge, at actually draws you back in more than the terribly mundane and instantly forgettable chorus.

Drake, at the end of the day, is Drake - you get what you expect from him. The beat is somewhat better suited for his voice than even Minaj herself, but by the time he drops in it's all far too late. You'll probably here this at some point on the radio in the months to come, but it'll pass you by as quickly as Nas passed by the studio to drop a few lines. Disappointing, to say the least.