Prince Rama, aka sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson, have just unleashed arguably the best song of 2011, 'Rest In Peace'. It's everything you want in a track: melodic, anthemic, ceremonial, ritualistic, tribal, beat-driven, niche without being unlistenable, catchy without being annoyingly grating. Their Hare Krishna background and asian influences are reflected through many aspects of the song- vocal line, instrumentation, rhythm- and breathe air into the predictable conveyor belt of new music. The path they are exploring is not well-trodden, and therefore there is room for discovery, innovation, and experimentation.

'Rest In Peace' is taken from their fifth full-length album, Trust Now, which speaks for itself in the way that those two words tell us that we should all be listening closely to their latest creation. With music culture broadening and listeners' tastes becoming more and more open (and with Pitchfork tipping them for success just last year), we reckon it won't be long until they gain their well-deserved time under a brighter limelight than that of mere indie hype.

Prince Rama - "Rest In Peace" by forcefieldpr