Psychologist - Propeller (My Panda Shall Fly remix) by psychologistmusic

We gave you a heads-up of a couple of Psychologist remixes last week; but since this one is so darn good it seemed like the right and proper thing to do was to let you know.

My Panda Shall Fly is the remix demon this time, with the track available as a free download also. He's had previous in this field; you did hear his remix of The Weeknd's 'Love through Her' yes?. The 405 reviewed Psychologist at Electrowerkz recently in which we were very much blown away. Even a track from The Weeknd was played pre-set, bringing us full-circle again in the space of two sentences. Neat.

The remix stems from the self-titled track on the Propeller EP that is out now on Not Even / Moshi Moshi Records.